Flinging Seeds

The assembly line, putting CFC cards on the bottom of the pumpkins

Last night we did just that: we were flinging seeds. It may not seem like much at the time, and at times there were some folks that were suspicious, but seeds were sown.

Richard Jones handing out a large, orange seed (better known as a pumpkin)

In fact, some were refused altogether. But seeds were thrown out there indiscriminately and lavishly. They were done with joy and smiles (and maybe a bit of trepidation).

You can't hardly see it, but a man even put a pumpkin under his seat on a scooter! (Salesperson of the Night: Gary Weatherholtz, for giving the man the pumpkin) 🙂

14 men handed out pumpkins last night at the Sheetz store in Fishersville. It was good to “leave the building”. It was good to do something nice for others not expecting anything in return. It was good to do something to brighten someone’s day. And we did it 100 times with 100 pumpkins.

Above all it was fun. It’s fun, and the devil hates it when we have fun doing God’s work… flinging seeds.

How many Nazarenes does it take to hold up a wall at Sheetz? Hmmm. No wait, this is fellowshipping!

Here’s what Outflow says…

God loves planting seeds in you and through you. If you have Jesus in your life, you have a huge silo ready for distribution.


About Tim Harrison

Saved by grace and living my faith out in the unshakeable Kingdom of God.
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2 Responses to Flinging Seeds

  1. Dennis says:

    God leads you to plant seeds in ways that truly bless all involved. I’m in DC and I was blessed beyond words. Here is how God lead me.
    I left the hotel and decided to go to an area of DC called China town, about a mile or so walk. I finally found a place to eat and by the time I left it was after dark. Instead of returning the way I walked down, I went a couple of blocks over and was going through an area called Franklin Park. I will admit I was getting a little nervous, Not a well lit area and the Park had several pretty rough looking people. I was approached by a rather large black guy asking for money for a Metro ticket. I almost past him by but stopped. I asked him who he was and started a conversation. To make a long story short before long He was telling me all about his Street life. How and why he ended up there, God just put words on my heart when I had no idea what to say to this man.
    As we were talking several of the folks in the park kinda wondered by checking us out. Roc (His street name) introduced me to each one. We talked about why the Lord put people through touch times and how our relationship with Jesus would guide us through it. We prayed together and shared different life stories of good and bad times.
    We went over to the metro station and I put some fare money on his metro card. Walking out of the metro station he stopped to talk to a young homeless couple. They were hugging and you could sense the bond they had. He walked with me back to 15th street, out of the area you don’t want to be in. I left him with what money I had in my pocket, he didn’t ask but the lord put it on my heart to do so. He thanked me and I told him I wish i could do more. His response was he needed some one to talk to and listen to him like a person. I told him the Lord put me there and he always had him to turn to. We hugged, me and this large homeless man . I just pray that the Lord touched His Heart as much as he did mine.
    So Please pray for Ronnie and his homeless family.

  2. Kenny Lee says:

    Wow Dennis… your story touched my heart… thanks for sharing..

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