As I look at Reading 6, our first reading in Week 2, I know I need to change my mindset a bit. In this reading, we’re encouraged to connect with our “invisible friend”. No, it’s not the character Harvey from the 1950 movie with the same name name starring Jimmy Stewart. It’s the Creator of the universe… the Father… Almighty God.

As I think back on last night and our conversations, I’m reminded of one answer that was heard when asked what you and I hope to get out of Outflow. The answer was “a new perspective.” This may be where you can apply that thought.

Our invisible friend, Jesus, is right by our side – every moment of every minute, every minute of every day. He’s there to assist you, to guide you, to empower you, to protect you, to provide for you, and to just be your friend.

He’s not One you leave at home when you go to work and then pick back up when you get home. That would be compartmentalizing God, wouldn’t it? That’s what we talked about last night, too.

As someone who’s right by your side, He’s the One you can talk to and listen to at every moment, no matter what you’re doing throughout the day. It doesn’t matter if you’re typing a blog on the computer, standing at an assembly line, or changing the oil in your wife’s car. You can have an ongoing conversation with God whereever you are, whatever you’re doing.

For me, that will take some change in perspective. That will take some practice. For me (and we’re all different), it helps to think of Harvey, the invisible 6′ tall rabbit, Jimmy Stewart’s invisible friend.

Always there. A faithful friend.


About Tim Harrison

Saved by grace and living my faith out in the unshakeable Kingdom of God.
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2 Responses to Harvey

  1. Ed says:

    Sorry that I haven’t been to any of the classes but I have been reading the emails. This blog I can relate too. Due to my disability I spend a lot of time by myself. Paragraph 3 really hits home for me because my wife is gone to work (8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.) and my attendant leaves around noon. The rest of the day until 4:15 P.M., I spend time on the computer, reading and talking to Jesus. I take this time to have a one on one conversation with Jesus about anything and everything. He is there with me and wherever I go. Our conversations can take place anywhere because He is always with me. He is one true friend that I can count on. I will never forget right after my accident when I was down and very depress, I heard this voice tell me, “I am still here with you”. There wasn’t anybody else around and I knew it was Jesus.

  2. I have my invisible friend. Many think the “Footprints in the Sand” is an old poem and song but I think of it everyday and let God know that I really appreciate him “carrying” me thru difficult times. He is trully my friend and when I can talk with no one else but him, he listens and comes thru.

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