“I Do”

If you missed last night’s “Sacred Assembly” at CFC, well… you missed it. It was a unique combination of fellowship, worship, baptism, communion, and prayer. It was uplifting, moving, and thought-provoking.

About fifteen folks of all ages got baptized last night and, as Pastor Jeff introduced baptism into the service, he explained the meaning of baptism. He had all those who were getting baptized stand, and then he had them make a covenant.

He read to them the Apostles’ Creed and other faith statements, and those getting baptized affirmed the statements by saying, “I do” or “I will”. He jokingly mentioned beforehand that it sounded like a marriage ceremony but, “Don’t worry”, he said, “it’s not.” They affirmed the faith statements as a group and were baptized as the congregation cheered and applauded.

The statement about it sounding like a marriage ceremony got me thinking. Actually, it flashed me back to when I asked Jesus to be my Savior and Lord.

I came forward one Sunday in 1996 as the pastor gave his invitation and explained to him my decision. He offered to come to see me that afternoon to explain to me what I had just done.

When he came to my house that afternoon, he explained to me that it WAS like a marriage. I had agreed to be part of the bride of Christ and I was now in a covenant, just like a marriage. It required commitment. It required perseverence. It required attention, love and devotion. He told me about God’s Word, about prayer, aboout baptism, and about the faithfulness of Jesus.

I really like that explanation. For better or for worse. For richer or poorer. In sickness and in health. As long as I live.

Even better… in death we don’t part.

Hallelujah! “I do!”


About Tim Harrison

Saved by grace and living my faith out in the unshakeable Kingdom of God.
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2 Responses to “I Do”

  1. David A. says:

    Makes sense. A light bulb experience !

  2. Craig says:

    Awesome analogy! You can throw in the there “leaving and cleaving”. Leaving the “worldly” life behind and cleaving to our new “Heavenly” home! Cleave is an interesting word; it means to adhere to closely while at the same time means to split or divide. When we get baptized its more than just leaving the old life…it’s cutting it loose(dont want to drag our old life through the waters…you know how smelly an old dirty wet ‘dog’ can be…) and embracing the new freedom we have in Christ.

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