The Rope of Hope

Yesterday’s message by Pastor Jeff has led me to do a lot of thinking, as I hope it has you.

As I was sitting there listening, I had to ask myself, “When was the last time I gave someone the ‘rope of hope’ that PJ mentioned. When was the last time I was a rescuer?”

I’d like to think there was an instance a bit more recent (like yesterday!), but the one that I thought of was an encounter that Paul Prince and I had with the young waitress in our hotel’s restaurant in Niagara Falls.

Her name was Lauren and you could just tell she was hurting. She was cheerful as she waited on us, but as our conversation with her turned to our motorcycle trip, she said something like, “Yeah, I’ve got to get out of Niagara Falls. I’m moving in a couple of weeks.” I don’t remember where she said she was moving to (I’m sure Paul would), but those were words of urgency. Something bad had happened to her in Niagara Falls and you could tell that her heart was hurting.

As we left the restaurant that morning, I let her know that God loved her and that we’d be praying for her. And I gave her an extra-large tip.

Maybe it wasn’t a full-fledged rescue, but Lauren got a little bit of “rope” and my prayer is that she finds the only true Hope.

Pray for Lauren today.


About Tim Harrison

Saved by grace and living my faith out in the unshakeable Kingdom of God.
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1 Response to The Rope of Hope

  1. Paul Prince says:

    Yes, she was hurting. You could tell this by the fact that she almost cried when Tim asked how she was doing?. She reminded me of the old song by the Animals called “We gotta get our of this Place”. When I see people, I usually ask myself if they are running from something, or to something? Lauren was definitely running from the “Falls” as she called it.
    This is just one of the many people that are hurting and just exist below the surface-waiting for someone to reach out to them. I was glad that Tim stepped up and blessed her. She told me that she was going into the military in three weeks. Mmmm-maybe running to something there.

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